Saturday, May 22, 2010

Information Overload!

I know I said I was going to do better about blogging - but guess what, I haven't! At least this one has only been a month since my last post right? My partner at work is still not back and I am still working a lot - next week I have a 57 hour week scheduled. I can't complain too much though, I was lucky enough to get an entire week off this week for my anniversary!

I did want to share about a new project I have started at work! My friend Summer wrote a post on her blog about recycling and this is something that has bothered a lot at work the past few years so it hit home for me! Take a look down one of our bays of stock bottles at the pharmacy: Guess where all those bottles were ending up once we emptied them? I'm sure you can guess: in the trash! I always said that I felt like we should recycle at work but I never did anything about it. I guess I was waiting for someone from corporate to do it for me. Well, after reading Summer's post, I decided it was time for my store to start recycling! So I started this basket:
And that is just after a few hours the first night I set up the "Recycle Bin" at work! My boss said that we can't recycle paper (and I understand because something with HIPPA information might end up in there and we don't want to go down that road!), but said that we can recycle bottles! I am so excited! As I mentioned before, I have been off for week, so I'm anxious to get back to work to see how many bags of plastic bottles I have to take to be recycled after a week!
In other news, my sister, Crazy Coupon Carol, did a giveaway on her blog about a month ago of organic cereal and granola bars from Cascadian Farms and I am excited to say that I won! I got 4 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of granola bars and a reusable shopping bag. So far, everything we have tried has been yummy!

About 2 weeks ago I went and babysat my niece and nephew for a day and here are a few cute pictures of them that I just wanted to share!

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