Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I got ROCK!

I have been begging my husband to let me get rock put in the mulch bed in the front of our house because last year my efforts to keep grass and weeds out was pointless. As I would get done pulling weeds, the next day, there would be 10 new weeds at least!

This year I was determined I was NOT going to fight with it since I am the one who does all of the yard I called the guy who mows our yard and told him I wanted some landscaping done. He suggested that I put down "river rock" since he thought it would look good with our house and since it pretty much maintenance free. This is what I originally wanted LAST summer and never got around to it. I told him I needed to talk it over with my husband and I would get back to him. We decided it was just an "extra expense" we could do without right now and that I should wait to get it. However, I ended up having to work an extra shift on Saturday so I took this as my validation that we would have the extra money right now to pay for this since the shift was unexpected and all! So, I called right away and had them come out to put the rock down.

Here is the before picture:

And the after:

I am not 100% sure I LOVE it, but I do like it better than what we had...but you can see how bad our yard looks too! I have tried to get grass to grow, but have not had much luck! Our house sits on some old farm land and the only people who have yards that look good are the ones who have spent a LOT of money and we don't really want to do that right now. For now, I am happy with the rock at least!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Past 7 Days

I have worked 6 out of the last 7 days and I will admit that today I was about at the end of my rope! If I worked the normal 8 hour shifts like most of the working world, maybe working these 6 days would not seem so bad as that would be just 48 hours. However, I am a pharmacist in the retail world and pharmacies are open generally at least 12 hours a day...which means I get to work those full 12 hours! Of my last 6 days of work, 5 of them were 12 hour shifts! At least one day was just a 9 hour day (this seems like a nice short day in my book)! So that makes a total of 69 hours that I will get paid for, but this doesn't count days like today when I was there until 8:20 and won't get paid for a minute past 8:00, or the days I come in early to open the pharmacy on time. So I really probably worked at least 70 hours in the past 7 days! I do believe that borders on insane!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frisbee Golf

Today I learned how to play frisbee golf with an old friend of mine, Peyton.  I also learned that I am not good at frisbee golf (although this should be a given because I am not good at either frisbee throwing or golf)!  We still had a great time though!  Juan also joined us in this adventure and he was just a little better than myself.  I still want to go out there and try it again and I'm sure we will, but I have already claimed last place for myself!  Peyton and Juan both enjoyed laughing at me and my frisbee throwing technique (this is not a new thing for Peyton to laugh at me as there have been MANY times in the past he has laughed at me before so this just brought back all those "wonderful" memories for him).  It was just such a nice day that even though I was really bad, I still enjoyed being outside and spending time with two great guys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The One Thing I Would Change...

...About my house????

That is what a girl I work with asked me today and I knew my response before she even finished the question! I have always said that this would be the one thing I would change if I could from the moment I looked at the house the first time! What is it?

Well, not just the tub, but the entire master bathroom. It is narrow in places and has kind of a strange layout, but the one thing I dislike the most about the bathroom is the tub! I know that many people will think that I am crazy, but I don't like it at all! There are a few occasions that I do enjoy taking a bath, but they are few and far between. It's not that I really dislike the TUB itself, but I HATE HATE HATE cleaning it! From the picture it looks so nice and relaxing and wonderful right? Well, it is and I did enjoy the bath this night, but tonight on the other hand, I cleaned it and was reminded why I hate it :) I am not a tall person (shall we say that I am vertically challeneged!?). Well, this also affects how far I can reach because my arms are shorter. So you can imagine that it is not very easy for me to reach down into the bottom of the tub or even just over to the far side of the top of it! Maybe it is just the placement of where it is in my is just behind the sink and mirror which is where I get ready in the morning/blow dry my hair. Where do you think all my loose hairs are being blown? You guessed it! In the tub! This makes it a huge chore to clean this thing! I come very close to cussing every single time I go to clean this thing!
So how would I change it? I would put in a huge walk in shower instead. I would change the layout and make one big shower instead and I would add another sink since we just have the one. I think that having a tub like this in a similar spot in a future house would be a deal breaker for me!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Picture

My mom gave me this picture this week because she is moving soon and doesn't have a place for it in her new home. Just thought I would share it :) It's kind of HUGE, but I love all the colors in it. Sorry it's not the best picture quality in the world, and I was standing beside the table and was having a hard time getting a good/non-crooked shot of it!

Busy Bee

I feel like I have been a busy little bee lately but at the same time, I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING! Since the first of March I have been extremely busy. I seem to fill each and every one of my days off, but when it's time to return to work I feel like I have gotten nothing done during my time off. For instance, the past two days that I have been off have flown by incredibly fast, but what have I actually done? Yesterday Juan and I went to the grocery store (I am spoiled by the fact that my husband actually enjoys going to the grocery and loves to cook), completed an hour of live CE (continuing education) for my pharmacy license, visited with my friend Summer for a few minutes, and then headed over to my mom's for a short visit with my sister and her 2 children. Today I have managed to clean up around the house, took a nap, piddled with my blog and tried to figure out how to do a few things with it, ate dinner with a great friend, and now I am back on my blog. OK, so maybe once I actually thought about what all I did the past 2 days (especially yesterday) maybe I did get quite a bit accomplished. There is just so much more that I wish I would have had time for as well like working on a scrapbook, reading, watching movies or TV shows that we have recorded, and mostly spending more time with my husband whom I don't get to see much of (he is currently taking a short nap before heading off to work tonight).

For now though, I will go wake up my husband and spend the last 45 minutes before he leaves for work with him. Then perhaps I will get around to that reading once he leaves or maybe even some of that scrapbooking that I have been wanting to start up again. Tomorrow I will head back to work for another 12 hours, Saturday for 9 and Sunday for 6 lovely hours! At least I can look forward to having Monday and Tuesday off while the rest of the world is ending their weekends and going back to the "dreaded Monday."

My New Nephew

Yesterday I got to meet my nephew for the very first time! He is now almost 1 month old but he was born the week before I left for vacation which was a crazy week for me, and then since I have been back, I have not really had an opportunity to make the 5 hour drive to west TN to visit. I was actually going to go last weekend, but then I talked to my sister and she said she was planning on making a visit to Mt. Juliet the next week so I decided to wait.

Of course, my niece, Lila, was also there, but she was not in such a great mood. Poor little thing was running a fever, but she was given some Tylenol and had a few good hours of bringing joy throughout the house. She was so busy in fact, that I had a hard time catching her still enough to snap a picture!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Blog Location

I have decided to change over to my Blogger account from now on instead of using VOX. Why? Well, to be honest, VOX didn't really offer a way to change the backgrounds/design of their blogs (at least it is just very limited and I am tired of all the options that they did have available). I know it's kind of a wimpy excuse, but I like to put a little more 'flair' or personality into what my blog looks like.
The other reason is that it will give more people the opportunity to post comments if they would like instead of limiting it to just the very few people I know who have a VOX account.
So for now, check out my new blog site at .
The current title of my blog is "The Quiles Family" until I can come up with something more creative. Any suggestions?