Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Pages

Today has been another stay-at-home and craft day! Even though neither of these pages were made today, I still wanted to share something! What I made today I REALLY wanted to share, but I want them to get to where they are going first ---- so be on the look out this weekend for a post!

This first page I am not a huge fan of! I wanted to put in a page about me starting off my career as a pharmacist at Rite Aid and I wanted to incorporate my old name plate (my new one looks almost exactly the same except that it says "Pharmacy Manager/Immunizing Pharmacist" under my name). It is an ok page and I suppose that it serves it's purpose. Supplies for this one pare pretty simple: red and blue card stock, a Rite Aid logo that I printed out on my computer and my old name plate! This second page I am much more fond of! Even though this shows that I am almost 2 years behind on my scrapbook since Lila will be 2 next month! Good grief time flies!!
Supplies for this page include some old yellow letters that I had in my stash from AGES ago, the pink background paper is from The Paper Studio, the butterfly is from The Paper Studio - La Petites 3-D Stickers, and the little round thing under the center picture is a little round "looking glass" that says LOVE from Making Memories.
As you can tell from all the different pages lately, my scrapbook is a mixture of 12x12 pages and 8&1/2 x 11 pages. So far I am enjoying switching it up a bit and I think it adds a litte interest to looking through the book!

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Courtney Baker said...

I think your first page is great, especially if you journaled how the experience made you feel! That's the most important part anyway!