Monday, April 16, 2012

One Month Down!

It has been a little over 1 month since my surgery! It is hard to believe that it has been that long already! I am doing great! I have been back at work for 2 weeks and so far I am holding up well(even with the extra 13 hour shift I volunteered for last week). Here are a few pictures of my progress so far:

As you can see in the picture above, I have lost 25 pounds since my surgery! I have lost a little more since then, but don't have any official pictures yet! It is hard to tell a difference in the 2 pictures above in my opinion, but I still wanted to document my journey week by week!

I am on soft foods now, but I am having a little difficulty tolerating them. It has been a bit of a challenge finding foods that I am able to keep down and that don't make me feel horrible! This has not been fun to deal with while working!

I am enjoying being more active since my surgery. My energy level is way up and I want to be doing something active rather than just sitting around the house. I am enjoying going to the gym (I have even started interval running on the treadmill). Also, this past weekend, we road bikes as a family for about 2 or 3 hours on Saturday and on Sunday I took Donavan and Luna to a local park where we walked every trail the kids could possibly find! It was so much fun! I did manage to get a few injuries while hiking, even though I have no clue what I did to hurt myself! I guess that's what happens when you turn 30!?

Here are a few pictures from this past Saturday! Enjoy!


Stephanie Farrell said...

Great Job Girlie! You are beautiful no matter how much you weigh. I always thought that! Keep your chin up, in our profession, food is our only relief sometimes! Take care and great job!

Sum said...

You can not blame being accident prone on turning 30. You've always been that way. "Watch your step!" ;o)

On a different note, you look great and I am proud of you! I also agree with Stephanie that you look great no matter what size or shape! You are beautiful and always have been and always will be.

And on another different note, when did Donovan get so big! Geeze! He is not a little boy any more.