Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coming Soon

I will be posting some pictures of the cards I have made most recently soon, but I want to get them to the people they belong to first before posting them just in case the recipient reads my blog (I don't know that either of them do, but I want to be safe)!

On another note, today is my anniversary. I was married to my amazing husband 2 years ago today! We feel like we have been married for longer than 2 years, but we can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing! I think it's good :)

We weren't going to do anything for our anniversary this year because we are really trying to get student loans paid off, but the small plans of going out to eat last night to celebrate were cancelled when the other pharmacist at my store called me Saturday morning to ask me to switch days with her this week because her grandmother passed away. Of course I didn't hesitate to switch with her and ended up working yesterday. So we decided to push our evening out til this coming Saturday night. However, while I was at work on Monday I got a phone call from another pharmacist at another store asking me if I could possibly work at her store on Friday (which would mean extra money/an extra shift) so I decided I would take it to help pay off some of those student loans. When I told Juan about it when I got home Monday night he was a little disappointed because it would mean that I wouldn't be at home as much this week, and lately we have both been working A LOT of overtime. So, I mentioned us going out to eat at a restaurant on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary that we would have to drive to either Nashville or Knoxville to go to and he decided that whichever place we went that we would stay the night so that we can spend some time together away from home and all the distractions here so we can actually get some quality time together.

I am not all that familiar with Knoxville and what there is to do there, but I can always find something to do in Nashville. But going to Knoxville would be a change of scenery for us. So does anybody have any suggestions or votes for either place?

Oh the restaurant I want to go to is Carraba's (my favorite)!

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