Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Few Cards

Here are the two cards that I mentioned previously that I promised to post:
This first one was for my old roommate in pharmacy school, Kathlyn. Green is her favorite color (especially the lime greens). The "Happy Birthday" did not show up very well and I obviously didn't really think about that ahead of time. You can see it a lot better in person than you can in the picture. I mailed it last week which is a little early since her birthday is actually this coming Monday. I just wanted to be able to post a picture of it sooner to be honest with you :)

This one I made for my friend Jennifer. A few weeks ago I met her and my friend Summer for lunch in Lebanon. I went to church with those two girls growing up and we became a pretty tight group, along with our friend Andrea who lives in Dallas, TX and was not able to join us for obvious reasons. Jen bought Sum and I lunch that day so I wanted to send her a little Thank You card to say,well to say Thanks :) The stamping on this one did not turn out so evenly, but I still think it looks ok!

I would give you a list of supplies, but it was so long ago when I made these that I really don't remember what I used and I am too lazy at the moment to look the stuff up :) Also, I took the pictures in my kitchen so just ignore the stuff in the background like the dirty towel laying on the counter...ooops!

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Kelley Eubanks said...

Those are both beautiful Bra! Great cards! I am glad you guys had a great Anniversary getaway. Belated Happy Anniversary! Love ya