Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yummy Blackberry Cobbler

Last week I found some blackberries on sale at the store and I bought 2 packs of them with the idea to make a cobbler! One of the many memories I have from my childhood is going out and picking blackberries and then mom would freeze them and make cobblers and all sorts of stuff. I never liked blackberries back then because I couldn't stand for the seeds to get stuck in my teeth, but now I can handle the seeds because I know that the desert is going to be worth it! This was my 1st attempt at blackberry cobbler and I think it turned out really good (so did Juan, it was gone in 2 days thanks to his ginormous portions he had :) ).

Only 23 more days until we leave for a week in PA to visit family! I am really looking forward to seeing Juan's parents and my beautiful step-kids! I am mainly just looking forward to the time away from my job!


Carol said...

I would like you to post more often dear sister. Miniblogs ala facebook and twitter do not meet the fair information exchange act of 2009. What? you haven't heard of it? oh the URL where you can read about it is: ;)

I love you. Lila informed me the other day "Brandy. Bran bran. Brandy, Bandy, NOW!" as she was pointing at the driveway. So i don't know if that means "Brandy needs to get her behindypoo here or if that means GO TO BRANDYHOUSENOW! it's one of those i'm sure ;)

Courtney Baker said...