Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Nephew

Yesterday I got to meet my nephew for the very first time! He is now almost 1 month old but he was born the week before I left for vacation which was a crazy week for me, and then since I have been back, I have not really had an opportunity to make the 5 hour drive to west TN to visit. I was actually going to go last weekend, but then I talked to my sister and she said she was planning on making a visit to Mt. Juliet the next week so I decided to wait.

Of course, my niece, Lila, was also there, but she was not in such a great mood. Poor little thing was running a fever, but she was given some Tylenol and had a few good hours of bringing joy throughout the house. She was so busy in fact, that I had a hard time catching her still enough to snap a picture!

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