Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frisbee Golf

Today I learned how to play frisbee golf with an old friend of mine, Peyton.  I also learned that I am not good at frisbee golf (although this should be a given because I am not good at either frisbee throwing or golf)!  We still had a great time though!  Juan also joined us in this adventure and he was just a little better than myself.  I still want to go out there and try it again and I'm sure we will, but I have already claimed last place for myself!  Peyton and Juan both enjoyed laughing at me and my frisbee throwing technique (this is not a new thing for Peyton to laugh at me as there have been MANY times in the past he has laughed at me before so this just brought back all those "wonderful" memories for him).  It was just such a nice day that even though I was really bad, I still enjoyed being outside and spending time with two great guys!

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