Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Past 7 Days

I have worked 6 out of the last 7 days and I will admit that today I was about at the end of my rope! If I worked the normal 8 hour shifts like most of the working world, maybe working these 6 days would not seem so bad as that would be just 48 hours. However, I am a pharmacist in the retail world and pharmacies are open generally at least 12 hours a day...which means I get to work those full 12 hours! Of my last 6 days of work, 5 of them were 12 hour shifts! At least one day was just a 9 hour day (this seems like a nice short day in my book)! So that makes a total of 69 hours that I will get paid for, but this doesn't count days like today when I was there until 8:20 and won't get paid for a minute past 8:00, or the days I come in early to open the pharmacy on time. So I really probably worked at least 70 hours in the past 7 days! I do believe that borders on insane!

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