Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Blog Location

I have decided to change over to my Blogger account from now on instead of using VOX. Why? Well, to be honest, VOX didn't really offer a way to change the backgrounds/design of their blogs (at least it is just very limited and I am tired of all the options that they did have available). I know it's kind of a wimpy excuse, but I like to put a little more 'flair' or personality into what my blog looks like.
The other reason is that it will give more people the opportunity to post comments if they would like instead of limiting it to just the very few people I know who have a VOX account.
So for now, check out my new blog site at .
The current title of my blog is "The Quiles Family" until I can come up with something more creative. Any suggestions?


Kelley Eubanks said...

Love the new look!! Do you have any ideas of things you could name it? Dont know that I can be of any help but I am willing to try.

The Quiles Family said...

I don't have ANY ideas :( My creativity meter has been on empty lately!